Programmation informatique et robotique pour enfants

Why learn to program ?

Because the learn to code develops many other skills: the capacity for abstraction and problem solving, logical thinking, mathematics, vocabulary, etc.

Because we live in a world eminently technological and that it is also essential to master the concepts of knowing how to read, write or count.

For kids to know how to surf the technological tsunami without being mere consumers.

Because it's fun, and kids have a natural interest for these areas.

Because technology is fully part of the general culture of the 21st century.

Because the knowledge learned from the first years are solidly acquired.

What is the computer code?

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"Very nice workshops. My son loved going there and will return
to learn a lot of things.
thanks again"

"Great idea these workshops.
My 9 year old son is super happy.
I highly recommend".

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